Uniten ScoreRUN Over Wifi Registration System

I’ve been thinking since few months of  ideas how to overcome crowded during events registration, especially  big events in UNITEN such as ahh I forget what we called it but the queue is so long before I can able to register for the scorun. The registration method is using laptop, everyone have to type ID, name etc on the provided laptop. Unfortunately they rarely provide more than 5  laptops for  big events. Let’s say 1 persons require a minute to type in, so if I am at 10th position in the queue,  I need to wait up to 10 minutes, what a waste of time.

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My first idea was using student ID card, but I found that the reader is so difficult to find in the market and of course it is expensive. So I don’t think it would be a good solution for the problems. Besides I’ve no idea what is being stored in the card, probably  not an ID  maybe some random digit hashes or whatever la which  need some works to get name, phone number and email address from the stored information. What’s worse is student don’t like bring along their ID all the time.

Another idea is using wireless registration, most of the student probably always forget to bring their own ID but they never forgot to bring their own hand phone or smart phone. The idea is simple if we can turn smart phone into unique identification like one smart phone is to one person we can use it for event registration or identification without requiring smart card. This method is far more cheaper, and I already developed it without any single penny. Internet and electric of course la, I mean like to purchase expensive devices. Plus I got student edition for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 which is free.


Every devices that have internet connection will have physical address or MAC address on it, this address cannot be changed (or at least without using special technique to modify). So we can use this method to restrict one smart phone to register only one person.

I name it as ScoreRUN Checkin system, the user interface is built to be simple as possible but with pleasant features such as export and import to csv.


Theoretically, this system will be able to serve up to 254 registrations at one time but I never test it for this number of simultaneous connections.

The system works in two modes which are normal and “verify data with uniten info“. In normal mode each student have to key-in their id, name, phone number and email address through the smart phone web interface.

normal mode

Whereas for the “verify data with uniten info” the process of the registration is using student info from UNITEN databases. We just need to enter username (ID) and password.


This mode require invalid login information and will produce “Error” if the username or password is invalid.


The result will be shown to the application in table form.


To start the system is also very simple, first click the File and clear MAC cache if you have previously used the application. Make sure you currently connected to the supported router and choose the wifi adapter, after that click start button. The log will give you the Address of the web interface. Give the audience the web address to register, you may shorten the web address via http://goo.gl and get the QR CODE.

Let the users or students connect to the wifi and tell them to scan the QR code or type in the web address manually.

After finish, you can export the list to csv via File-> Export to csv.

This application provide backup in the case of application failure or power failure, who know right?. Every students that successfully registered is backup to folder backup in the format of csv.

Hmm, what else huh. During coding this application I have many things to say but I already forgot most of it, hmm. BTW this is for beta release, maybe have bugs and many features can be added for future release, I just want to test if it’s worked for this beta version.

The application was coded in c# and I think Windows 7 onwards should be able to run it, but if not you have to install Microsoft Net Framework 4.0 or 4.1, let me know if the application is not working on your system.

The only supported router so far:

1. TP LINK WR740N (flashed with DD WRT)

Wanna try? download it here  http://goo.gl/JKwhbE