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  1. Assalamu’alaikum
    thanks bro for tutorial about OpenWrt. My problem has solved
    now i’m make a final project for my diploma
    OpenWrt is interesting. I make a VoIP Communication System for Mobile Using Open Wrt.

  2. Hi Madet,
    The mini hub you using for your 3g and extroot – is it a powered hub?

    Great write-up! Really helped.



  3. Hi Bro,

    I Saw this –

    I want to use my evdo data card with openwrt in mr3020. But how to connect the router to lan and make it to receive the internet from the MS hosted network. the router send the internet default how to make it to receive the internet from hosted network.. Im clear up the sharing internet in win OS. but how to configure router to receive the internet..??

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