InstaPAL – Instagram New Post Alerts and Auto Like for Android

Posted in Android

It’s now possible for you to get alerts when your favorite friend lists post new Photos or videos on Instagram using my latest Android Application called InstaPAL (Instagram Post Alerts and Auto Like).

To use it is simple, but I just want to highlight some point of concepts. Before you are able choose or favorite users you are currently following, the app will ask for sign-in and ask you authorize basic,comments,relationships and likes permissions. Why there are so many permissions but not all is being used for this app? You might think so but for simplicity I just request all permissions so that when later I add new features I don’t have to deal with authorization again.

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PHP: Find out who are not following you back programmatically for Instagram

Posted in PHP

I think it’s quite hard to find out if someone you are following but he or she aren’t, right? Or perhaps at least I have this problem. Instagram is not like Facebook which require two way relationships whenever you friend with someone. Unlike Twitter, Instagram does not supply information if the person is following you back or you are not following your followers back.

The screenshot below was the output of the code I tried for my Insta. If you don’t want to jump to the coding part you might try the final product of the codeĀ  here: .

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