OpenWrt Mount Remote Filesystem using sshfs

There might be a need for you to mount remote filesystem from another linux box, in my case I was doing cross compile packages and stuff from my remote linux server. It would take less time if I can mount this remote machine to my router so I don’t have to download and transfer or tar and untar the files.


I was doing this on TP-LINK MR3020 with extroot and with firmware OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09 . Make sure you have enough spaces to install the sshfs and its dependencies.

SSH to router and install sshfs

If you enable the remote SSH for password authentication then the process of mounting will be straight forward, just run the command “sshfs @: ”

For public/private key authentication you have to generate using dropbear or use dropbearconvert for converting from OpenSSH private key. I would prefer to generate new dropbear for simplicity.

Generate dropbear RSA private key and save to private_rsa

You would see output similar to this

Will output 2048 bit rsa secret key to ‘private_rsa’
Generating key, this may take a while…
Public key portion is:

Copy the portion of the public key, which start with ssh-rsa until end of the line and paste to your authorized_keys on remote machine.

Run sshfs with the private key on your router.