IPv6 Multihoming From Windows 8.1 Draft 1

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It’s quite exciting topic šŸ™‚

Multihoming is when a host or network is connected to one or more (multiple) Internet Service Provider (ISP) or we can say it has multiple up links.

As by know there are few RFC for multihoming approach such as fromĀ  RFC7157. Try to read it for list of scenarios and also techniques. For know I just want to achieveĀ  load balancing over the multiple up-links,Ā  or at least have fail over.

At first I decided to have topology like the diagram below, two ISP connected to a single home router, the host then can connect to this router and will be assigned at least two IPv6 addresses from only one network interface.


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Send SMS from OpenWrt using 3G Modem

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This is the demonstration of sending SMS using my ZTE MF-190 modem from TP-Link MR3020.

This modem have 2 serial ports, so I can send SMS and dialing internet at the same time. If your modem only have single port you need to disconnect 3G connection first.

There are few packages need to be installed so make sure you have enough memory and remaining space.


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OpenWrt TP-Link MR3020 IPv6 Using TSP Tunneling

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Currently as the time of this post is written October 13, 2014 most of the Malaysia’s ISP have not yet supported IPv6 natively. They also disable ping and the using NAT. One of the left choice of option for me to get IPv6 on my router is through Tunnel Setup Protocol (TSP). There are few broker that offer this type of tunneling, one of them is gogo6/ Freenet (http://www.gogo6.com/main)


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TP-Link MR3020 ExtRoot and 3G Modem (OpenWrt)

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This post I expect OpenWrt has been installed, if not please refer my previous post. The full documentation about Extroot can be found from this link http://wiki.openwrt.org/doc/howto/extroot .

The step showed here is the working implementation on TP-Link MR3020 using the following environment.

Firmware Version: OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09

1. USB 2.0 Hub
2. USB 2.0 Flash Drive (~8GB)
3. ZTE MF-190 3G Modem


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